The worst error message in history belongs to... BIND9!

Garrett Cooper youshi10 at
Thu Jul 5 03:14:39 UTC 2007

perryh at wrote:
>>> If one is going to require the installation of something that may
>>> not be part of a base system, that something might as well be bash :)
>> Except that bash requires all the icky GNU utilities to build so you
>> have to GNUify your system.
> And perl doesn't?  It was GPL last I knew.

The entirety of Perl falls under the GPL and Artistic license at this 
time. Read the perl-porters archives for more debate on Perl licensing.

>> The second you put in gmake, gmake requires
>> iconv, readline and all the other nasty libraries, and from that point
>> on if you build something you never know if it's going to link in to
>> one of those libraries.
>> ...
>> This can cause major problems for commercial users.
> How?  Last I heard, the *L*GPL only requires making the *library*
> source available (and that only if the library has been modified).
> It doesn't extend to the using application.
>> I'd love for someone to modify the gmake port to have a variable
>> you can set that would build all the GNUified dependency libraries,
>> build and install gmake and statically link in all it's GNUified
>> libraries, then remove all the GNUified libraries.
> Or, change all the gnu ports to install into something like
> /usr/local/gnu or /usr/local/gpl instead of straight into
> /usr/local.  You'd still have the gnu libs when needed, but
> without having them included in "normal" search paths.

    That would seriously muck up a lot of people's assumptions on 
locations for programs, and would be incredibly necessary. Plus it would 
make searching for programs in $PATH a slight bit more time consuming 
(on the order of milliseconds I know, but those milliseconds are the 
exact reason why I have to manually profile pkg_install to determine 

    Also, please don't muck up email addresses. It's not cool, by any means.


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