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Wed Jul 4 21:01:58 UTC 2007

Yordan Yordanov wrote:

>I want to install the last stable release of FreeBSD Unix on my desktop machine with AMD64 processor. Are there any differences in the FreeBSD ports for these two platform: FreeBSD/i386 and amd64? In the FreeBSD handbook I saw a workaround which should be applied to set up FreeBSD for  some chipsets. If I have such a problem can I try to install i386 version
>on my machine. There is no reason not to work, but I want to be sure that this is possible.
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This FreeBSD box I am using to email you is a dual AMD 64 running on i386 7.0 CURRENT.
It runs just fine....fast.   The AMD64  version of the os  gave me many errors and 
wouldn't run the  video card so I switched to the i386. top -S shows it is running

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