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Bill Campbell freebsd at
Wed Jul 4 04:26:30 UTC 2007

On Tue, Jul 03, 2007, perryh at wrote:
>> >> This is actually just the difference between sh and bash ...
>> >
>> >differences in, say, arithmetic handling and loops can sometimes
>> >mean rewriting parts of shell scripts depending on whether it is
>> >going to run in BSD or Linux.
>> That's a major argument for doing things in python or perl as
>> they are consistent across all platforms ...
>If one is going to require the installation of something that may
>not be part of a base system, that something might as well be bash :)

One of the reasons I started using perl almost 20 years ago was
that it was cleaner and more consistent than tying a bunch of
utilities together with the shell (not to mention only having to
master one type of regular expressions :-).

I now use python for the vast majority of my development work
instead of perl as I find it much cleaner with better object
oriented features.

When I write shell scripts, I use a very limited set of features
which are /bin/sh compatible.  As soon as I start having to do
anything much more than run a program against a list of files, I
switch to python.

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