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Tue Jul 3 17:11:38 UTC 2007

On Mon, Jul 02, 2007 at 10:57:08PM -0500, Richard Lynch wrote:
> "Need" is relative, but personally, I stopped installing Flash even
> operating systems where it actually sort of works, albeit sucking down
> CPU and RAM like there's no tomorrow, and crashing on a semi-regular
> basis...
> I found my surfing experience vastly improved without Flash.
> Formerly dog-slow sites are much faster.
> And there isn't any content I've felt deprived to not get.
> Obviously, folks who spend their free time (or work-time :-)) watching
> youtube would feel differently, but...

Actually, you don't need a Flash plugin for YouTube.  Just install
MPlayer with the win32-codecs port, and use youtube-dl (in the youtube_dl
port, of course) to grab the video you want.  The only reason I recently
installed Flash was to make use of the Buell website (they make great
motorcycles, but apparently have no idea how to make an accessible

Of course, with the xpi-flashblock port installed, it's almost exactly
like not having Flash installed at all, most of the time.  I consider
that a feature, of course.

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