The worst error message in history belongs to... BIND9!

nawcom nawcom at
Tue Jul 3 09:40:04 UTC 2007

Reminds me of a typical windows user i dealt with who saw an error about 
explorer.exe and how it could not "be read" and let it slide. :-P

using my wicked non user friendly skillz of the damned, i personally 
like the concept of a simple  "pebkac error" when bind refuses to start 
due to a named.conf setting or similar. sortof creates a challenge, an 
adventure to find what's causing the issue yourself.

wait. i shouldn't be promoting ideas on how make things worse off on 

pardon this useless email.


Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
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>> McCormick
>> Then, there is the ultimate, the "Check engine." light on the
>> modern car. 
> Check engine - CEL
>> It would be so nice if it said some indication as to
>> the seriousness of the problem so that one knows whether to get
>> it fixed now and maybe save $5,000 worth of repair costs or let
>> it slide a few days until a better time.
> Most people take the tack that if the CEL comes on and the engine
> is still running and the car still goes, that they can let it slide.
> Ted
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