large pages

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Sun Jul 1 18:42:11 UTC 2007

does FreeBSD {can,will,patch exist} supports using huge pages? i mean 2M 
pages on AMD64 and 2/4M pages on i386

i don't mean any automatics, just enough will be to be able to map a big 
chunk of RAM to an app with such pages, or even more (better) to make 
FreeBSD use only part of memory for itself, and leaving everything else as 
/dev/something that can be mmap'ped (and locked) to program this way.

i need freebsd just for running one program needing about 1280 megs of 
data space (+1-2 meg of code stacks etc. can be normally mapped). 
everything else is just using less than 1% of power.

with 1536MB AMD64 machine it would be nice for FreeBSD to boot seeing 256 
megs for itself and allowing 1280 megs to be mapped&locked to just one 

thank you very much

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