Sorta OT - Backup solutions Mac to FreeBSD

Doug Hardie bc979 at
Tue Jan 30 01:17:42 UTC 2007

On Jan 29, 2007, at 14:00, Joe Auty wrote:

> I've heard of many people having problems with RsyncX and the  
> version of rsync included in OS X crapping out and being unreliable.
> RsyncX and the patched rsync (the former being a GUI for the CLI  
> rsync) that ships with OS X attempts to preserve resource forks and  
> other file metadata (a lot of it from the OS 9 era where this stuff  
> mattered). If you don't care at all about these attributes (I  
> don't), I would recommend building a copy of the stock rsync from  
> Macports, similar to FreeBSD ports in design:
> Here is a partial (or possibly complete) list of file metadata that  
> I believe would be lost by using the stock rsync in OS X:
> - get info/Finder comments (this has been replaced with Spotlight  
> comments in 10.4 which are saved to the Spotlight DB, not as file  
> metadata)
> - application associations for files without file extensions
> - application associations for many OS 9 files, since OS 9 did not  
> force file extensions and many users didn't bother with them
> - custom icons pasted on

I have heard that also.  However, I have been using it for backups  
for about 3 years now and every time the backup disk boots and  
everything I check works normally.

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