network problem

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Mon Jan 29 20:05:42 UTC 2007

"Tsu-Fan Cheng" <tfcheng at> writes:

>   I am using bt to download files and i know this is bad for netowrk...

Not particularly; just make sure it isn't grabbing all of your bandwidth.

> sometimes my firefox returns "the site not found" on some popular sites,
> such as yahoo and google, and it looks like firefox didnt try hard enough
> before it gave it up. i have to ask it to "reload" to get it to hook up to
> the website. my question is, is this solely due to that i am bting, or there
> is something else i can do to make this better?? thanks !!

It's possible that saturating your network link (in either direction)
could cause DNS failures, but that isn't the most likely symptom.
Running your own caching nameserver would reduce the problem in that
case.  And a number of other cases, come to think of it.

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