how to enable linux flash player in firefox

Tore Lund toreld at
Mon Jan 29 14:57:57 UTC 2007

Andreas Davour wrote:
> It's terribly sad that nobody can make it work, as of now. I really hope 
> FreeBSD 7 can make a change.

It DOES work right now, in 6.2-RELEASE with linux-flashplugin7, and that
is with sound.  The problem is, it only works for some users, and no one
knows precisely which conditions must be met.

As I said some posts ago, I have struggled with this problem myself.
And then, after installing some packages with PKG_SITES set to
packages-6-stable, flash suddenly started working.  So it's a fair guess
that it might work for you too if you upgraded or installed something
from packages-6-stable.

But we really should get to the bottom of this.

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