Noob: Kernek Compile Question

dharam paul exiaf_radar_guy38 at
Sun Jan 28 14:26:34 UTC 2007

Hi Gurus,
In the section " Building and Installing a Custom
kernel" it is stated that 
'The new kernel will be copied to the /boot/kernel
directory as /boot/kernel/kernel and the old kernel
will be moved to /boot/kernel.old/kernel'

Do I have to do this manually or it is done by the
system automatically?

Secondly, I am upgrading my FreeBSD system from
FreeBSD RELENG_6_0 to RELENG_6_2 by cvsup.

I want to do some changes in the kernel after
updating. My question is is it necessary for me to    
1. First make kernel according to RELENG_6_2 
    and then
2. Make requied changes in kernel (to include IPFW and
 some changes for Squid)
I can do the above two steps in one single step. How?


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