freebsd 6.2 jumpstart install

Paul Kostick III pk3 at
Sun Jan 28 14:02:28 UTC 2007


I am trying to jumpstart install an IBM x336 server with a intel Pro100 nic
with freebsd 6.2.  I have successfully done this install with freebsd 5.3
and 6.0 on the same machine.  The sysinstall boot menu comes up from PXE.
But when I put in the NFS path to the files, it won't mount.  My mount point

I can mount this nfs mount point from another client, but not from the
jumpstart/sysinstall menu.  Any suggestions?  Another oddity is that I
noticed is when setting up the NIC, it does not get an ip address.  It seems
to have a network issue, the network works on startup with the network/pxe
boot.  It gets its ip, boots to the sysinstall menu.

Has anyone else jumpstarted 6.2 succesfully?  




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