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Garrett Cooper wrote:
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>>> Hi there:
>>> I see the new flash9 for linux has been included in ports, so I
>>> installed it - but how do I enable the plugin in Firefox? Does it work
>>> or does it crash?
>>> Thanks, Erik
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>> I've tried installing this, too. The included readme addresses linux, and 
>> there is no indication of what is supposed to be done with libmap.conf, which 
>> leaves me in the dark. Has anyone figured this out?
>> Thanks,
>> Oliver
> I grabbed the symbols table for the flash player, but unfortunately I'm
> clueless as to determining what the hell the original
> linuxplugin-wrapper dev had in mind, so I can't really move on further
> than that. I can provide my info though so someone who does have an idea
> can proceed on, if necessary.
> If you use any sound requiring flash modules, Flash player will make
> Firefox ( / Seamonkey?) segfault and core dump; this is true for
> linux-firefox with (at least) only the default config. This is because
> (like some have mentioned before in previous threads) flash uses ALSA,
> which is linux's answer to getting rid of OSS. See:
> <>.
> With that aside, Flash 9 is incredibly unstable with linux emulation.
> Flash 9 under Linux worked fine on Gentoo when I ran the beta
> version--other than flash animations just being a bit slow.
> <rant>
> It's a pain in the ass that Adobe / Macromedia had to invent a
> technology that so many "web developers" sought, just because of its
> ease of "developing"; if only the "developers" sought to learn CSS and a
> bit of proper javascripting, then stuff would be easier for viewing on
> all platforms.
> (a few choice four-/five-letter words combined with other words and
> grumbling)
> </rant>

Here's the link to 2 of the text files that contain the libraries /
function calls I found in the global symbols table for <>.
- -Garrett
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