Pentium 3 Clock Frequency Control

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Sat Jan 27 19:15:09 UTC 2007

FK <fk at> wrote:

> Is it posible to control Pentium 3 clock frequency on FreeBSD?
> The purpose is to reduce the power consumption and lengthen battery
> life.
> In addition, how can we know what speed of cpu clock frequecy a cpu
> supports and what speed a cpu take at any given time? I suppose
> that a command which returns each information exist.
> Well, a couple years ago I patched to, if I remember correctly,
>  5.4 kernel and it made this need possible at least on Pentium M.
> I tried to find the web page but I failed.
> I am using FreeBSD6.0-RELEASE now.

Look at
Hope it helps.

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