Apache Lenya Contact management

Graham North northg at shaw.ca
Sat Jan 27 06:36:48 UTC 2007

Hi all:
Maybe this should be going to Port or Java but I thought it might do 
okay here?
Does FBSD support Lenya?  I could not find it in Ports - but maybe I am 
missing something?

I think it needs Java - could that be a problem?  FBSD supports Java RTE 
now, no?

Lenya looks pretty solid, good pedigree and good security features.
I was comparing it to Joomla and Wordpress (yes, I know it is blog tool).

If Lenya is not available does anyone have any favourite CMS to 
recommend?  Something that works with ssl?


Kindness can be infectious - try it.

Graham North
Vancouver, BC

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