FreeBSD 6.1 & 6.2 hanging and/or spontaneous rebooting

Tore Lund toreld at
Fri Jan 26 23:41:18 UTC 2007

Joe Vender wrote:
> One last question. How do I get FBSD to completely power off my computer when 
> I shut down, both from KDE and from console? When I shutdown, it just gets to 
> the "system halted, press any key to reboot" prompt and doesn't completely 
> power off. In slackware, all I have to do is uncomment the "modprobe apm" 
> line in rc.modules.

You issue the command "shutdown -p now".  This should work with any BIOS
that has apm or acpi, as far as I know.

As Derek says, you have an IRQ conflict that needs to be resolved.
Afraid I don't remember much about that.  When I first installed FreeBSD
(seven years ago), I had to settle several such conflicts, but I seem to
recall that it was fairly easy.

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