Vince jhary at unsane.co.uk
Fri Jan 26 10:09:44 UTC 2007

Andreas Widerøe Andersen wrote:
> I just finished making and installing world and a new kernel yesterday. I
> had cvsup'ed the latest src/ports with releng 6_2.
> I thought 6.2 STABLE was out, but a uname-a shows 6.2 RELEASE on my system.
> Am I missing something? :-)
Kind of :) its just the naming conventions of FreeBSD. RELEASE means the
stable production release. STABLE means the cvs development branch that
will become the next RELEASE, thus 6.2 is the latest stable release.

If you really want to follow STABLE you need to do it via cvs/cvsup and
recompiling your entire system from time to time. However its name can
(occasionally) be a misnomer as it isnt always as stable as a release.

Hope that helps,


> Best regards,
> Andreas
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