Messy ports, how to clean them up?

Robert Huff roberthuff at
Fri Jan 26 03:21:22 UTC 2007

illoai at writes:

>  > > Is there a way cleaning up automatically a messy ports collection? Like
>  > > portupgrade does, only the opposite way, not rebuilding/reinstalling a
>  > > rebuilt/upgraded port, looking for stale ports never used anymore by
>  > > another port?
>  >
>  > sysutils/pkg_cutleaves
>  portupgrade includes pkg_deinstall, which has switch
>  to recursively remove all dependancies which are no
>  longer used by any other pkg/port, which is a way to
>  head this sort of thing off at the pass.

	I use portupgrade.
	I've never used pkg_deinstall, but given that portupgrade gets
... confused ... occasionally I look suspiciously at anything that
promises clean upward recursion.

					Robert Huff

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