kalin mintchev kalin at
Wed Jan 24 19:08:57 UTC 2007

> On 2007/01/24 7:35, kalin mintchev seems to have typed:
>> all the nox11 ones are breaking at the same place - the freakin'
>> gs6.0.lexmark7000.patch
>> i don;t want all this drivers...  i just need cli utility to turn a
>> postscript file into an image - jpg or png..  it seams its only doable
>> with ghostscript...;
> Why don't you just uncheck?:
> [ ] lex7000   Lexmark 7000 [LEX7000]
> in the config options screen?\

options screen????!!!  i'd love an option screen....
whats the command line option to ignore options??

> cd /usr/ports/print/ghostscript-afpl
> make
> Up comes the "AFPL Ghostscript driver configuration" screen.  Just
> uncheck all the printers except the image ones...
> [X] jpeg      JPEG format, RGB output
> [X] jpeggray  JPEG format, gray output
> [X] pngmono   PNG Monochrome Portable Network Graphics
> [X] pnggray   PNG 8-bit gray Portable Network Graphics
> [X] png16     PNG 4-bit color Portable Network Graphics
> [X] png256    PNG 8-bit color Portable Network Graphics
> [X] png16m    PNG 24-bit color Portable Network Graphics
> [X] pngalpha  PNG 32-bit RGBA color Portable Network Graphics

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