compiling postgresql with tsearch2

Warren Head warrenhead at
Wed Jan 24 14:32:27 UTC 2007


I am looking for a postgresql installation with the tsearch2 module.
I require the tsearch2 module for mediawiki. When I install the mediawiki,
it tells me my postgresql server does not have the tsearch2 module loaded.

I installed postgresql 8.1-server from the ports. The tsearch2 code is
available in one of its subdirectories, but I don't know how I can get that
compiled as a module.

I am new to FreeBSD, and thus new to the ports, so not having to ./configure
--myoptions is new to me.
Sofar I like it though.
So, should I compile it afterwards or should I change something in some
configure file?

What I could find on the net is that I should compile tsearch2 from its own
directory afterwards, but that is on linux.



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