nForce5 Status / Socket AM2 Board Suggestions

Mark Kane mark at
Tue Jan 23 18:52:00 UTC 2007

Hi everyone. I'm trying to build a new machine to replace my existing

So far with all the motherboard research I've been doing, most of the
available boards that have the configurations I need use nForce5
chipsets (such as 570 or 590). I've searched around and have seen that
nForce5 is not fully supported in FreeBSD yet with some problems with
SATA and also possibly network (I understand the nfe driver might solve
the net part). SATA and network are important so I started looking at
AM2 nForce4 boards and have found a couple possibilities, but not
nearly as many as nForce5 (and not necessarily from manufacturers that
I particularly like).

One of the problems with the AM2 nForce4 boards is the lack of dual
gigabit LAN. That could be solved by adding in a PCI gigabit LAN card
which is fine, but then I need a minimum of 3 PCI and only a few boards
seem to have that in AM2 using nForce4.

So, I'm wondering what the status of nForce5 support is currently, and
if there are any recommendations for boards that are compatible with
FreeBSD/amd64 and meet the following requirements:

- Socket AM2
- Athlon64 X2 CPU (probably a 5200+)
- At least two PCI Slots (but as many as possible)
- Dual gigabit LAN (or single gigabit with min 3x PCI as noted above)
- At least four SATA (more preferred)
- At least one PATA
- At least one PCI Express x16

I'd prefer to go nForce5 if possible since the board selection for my
requirements is much greater and I've already got a couple picked out
that are very good candidates. I also don't want to go with the
older nForce4 if support for nForce5 is very close to being finished or
if I'm missing something else.

Thanks very much in advance.


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