Does 82915PM/GMS support dri???

Oliver Fromme olli at
Tue Jan 23 17:42:56 UTC 2007

giorgosfm at wrote:
 > i have a problem configuring dri support for my laptop (a celeron
 > 1.5Ghz, with i915GM GMCH chipset and 768Mb memory). Does anyone knows
 > firstly if there is a support for this chipset? If so, can you please
 > check the glxinfo and dmesg and tell me what's wrong?

I also have a notebook with 915GM, and DRI works perfectly
fine out of the box (using FreeBSD 6.2).  For comparison,
you can find dmesg, pciconf etc. here:

Make sure you have the "agp", "drm" and "i915drm" devices
compiled into your kernel (or have them loaded as modules,
but personally I prefer to compile them statically into my
kernel).  You should also have the latest version of the
"graphics/dri" port installed (and latest version of,
of course).

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