Sun Fire x2100

Damian Wiest dwiest at
Tue Jan 23 00:45:23 UTC 2007

On Mon, Jan 08, 2007 at 02:27:15PM -0800, Peter Thoenen wrote:
> --- DAve <dave.list at> wrote:
> > Is anyone running FreeBSD on a Sun Fire X2100? Any caveats I should
> > know 
> > about? 
> I don't recommend them if you plan to use as a file server.  They have
> an issue with randomly rebooting under a large network load with
> thousands of open connections.  Have seen this on my system and have
> have had a dozen or so folk email me with the identical problem. 
> -Peter

I've had the same problem, but with x86 systems (specifically an IBM 
xSeries system and a home-built AMD64 system) running FreeBSD 6.0 (IIRC).

These systems were on a home cable modem connection and there were 
pretty regular break-in attempts.  When reviewing logs, I'd see attempts 
to brute-force logins and passwords for the ftp and ssh services.  
I eventually had to turn ftpd off since it seemed guaranteed to panic 
the box during one of these cracking attempts.  sshd seemed to handle 
things better, but I have had one panic occur.

I haven't tried 6.2 to see if I encounter similar problems.


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