Remove extra packages and streamline 6.2

perryh at perryh at
Mon Jan 22 08:50:16 UTC 2007

> > Is there some way to figure out what apps I don't need installed
> > anymore?
> all of my systems, whether desktops or servers, i start with
> the minimal install.  from there, i use the ports collection to
> buildout anything i need.  i know this is probably the long way
> around for most cases, but i feel in the end, there is nothing
> on there that i didnt deliberately put on there.
> next time up, try a minimal install, and then just cd right into
> the directory of the port that will define your system.  when you
> 'make install clean', it should process just the dependencies that
> your PBX needs.

I think the point was that, in the course of getting the system set
up and configured properly, there were some things loaded for use
while configuring that are no longer needed in production; and there
may also have been some things loaded that turned out never to
have actually been needed (but that wasn't apparent when they were
installed).  In principle, a reinstall might manage to avoid the
latter group; it's less clear that it would avoid the former group.

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