PCIe Core2 Duo Motherboard?

Andrew Fremantle freebsd at skyhawk.ca
Mon Jan 22 06:05:49 UTC 2007


I'm looking at building a few new general-purpose servers in the near 
future. I'd like to use Intel Core 2 Duo processors in these machines. 
I'm currently evaluating a machine with a looks-good-on-paper 
motherboard, the Intel DG965OT. However, I have come across two major 
problems with this board.

First, the board locks up several seconds after finishing it's kernel 
initialization. Sysinstall runs and displays the region/country list, 
then freezes solid a few seconds later. This does not happen if I select 
to boot without ACPI support.

Second, this board has 1 PATA and 6 SATA connectors. FreeBSD detects a 
generic PCI ATA controller, and then fails to detect the optical drive 
attached to it. This problem is not unique to FreeBSD. I understand the 
Linux folks have similar troubles with the Marvell controller. The 
kernel appears to detect four of the six SATA headers on this board.

So my questions are

1) Does anyone know how to make this board work properly with FreeBSD?

2) Can anyone suggest a well supported board with gigabit lan, onboard 
video, and PCIe expansion, that accepts Core2 Duo CPUs?

Also, the amd64 documentation states support for Athlon64s, Opterons, 
certain Xeons, and EMT64 capable Pentium 4s, Pentium Ds, and Celerons. 
Will it not run on Core 2s or is this a shortcoming in the 
documentation? I though the Core 2s were 64-bit capable.

- Andrew

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