PCBSD 6.2 -- How to Install Second CD?

bobmc bobmc at bobmc.net
Mon Jan 22 04:12:44 UTC 2007

Benjamin Sher wrote:
> Dear Bob:
> I rebooted PCBSD with the first Install CD and chose Upgrade. It went ahead 
> and repaired and upgraded my system but at the end of the road I did not see 
> any mention of installing the second CD. I also didn't see it at the end of 
> my original install. What am I doing wrong, please. 
> Are all of the applications on the second CD available from PBI or from the 
> packages on FreeBSD?
> Hope you can help.
> Thank you.
> Benjamin
Perhaps you are not certain of the CD contents. CD1 is for installing
the kernel and shells.  CD2 has applications and utilities called
"ports".  ( Correct me if I am not exactly right!) Remove CD1 after
install and then reboot. Next run sysinstall. Select "Configure -- Do
post-install configuration.. ". Then choose "Packages -- install
pre-packaged". Insert CD2 before you press enter on this menu item.

Please direct your queries directly to the list so that you get better
quality answers.

Good Luck!    -BobMc-

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