fxtv in full screen mode problem solved

Alexander Pohoyda alexander.pohoyda at gmx.net
Sun Jan 21 23:29:33 UTC 2007

This mail is not a question, but a solution to the problem that fxtv
application does not use the whole visible screen in full screen mode.

The problem is that in full screen mode fxtv switches to the closest
to 768x576 video mode, which is normally 800x600.  Thus, all we have
to do is to create the requested video mode in the X11 configuration
file (/etc/X11/xorg.conf or /etc/X11/XF86Config):

    Section "Monitor"
        Modeline "768x576" 35.71 768 800 928 960 576 587 593 605

ATTENTION:  Use this modeline at your own risk.

Tested to work in Xorg 6.8.2 on FreeBSD 5.4

Alexander Pohoyda <alexander.pohoyda at gmx.net>
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