How to install the 3945ABG Driver on a fresh FreeBSD 6.2 install?

Gilbert Cao hika at
Sun Jan 21 15:00:37 UTC 2007

On Thu, Jan 18, 2007 at 12:36:04AM +0000, Vince Hoffman wrote:
> I hate to say this but this driver only seems to compile on -CURRENT as 
> far as i can tell (and as far as the conversation at 
> leads me to believe.)
> There is another less complete driver floating around that is usable on 
> 6.x although it only works for some people and even then only at 6 meg 
> (i believe the conversation i linked contains links to that driver if 
> you dont fancy running current.)
> Vince


I think you are talking about that one
about a "less complete driver" "usable on 6.x".
And, yes, I have tried it, but it did not work for me. (I don't know yet
how it works for some people).
In my case, with ifconfig, the status is still on "no carrier".
No "associated" status.

About the following,
basically yes, it only compiles on -CURRENT. I have tried it and it
works for me.

As I wanted to stay on 6.x, I have installed a 6.2-RELEASE, and tried to
make the 20070107-wpi-freebsd.tar.gz compiles.
Here, you will find the result of my work :

To make it compiles, I basically started from 20070107-wpi-freebsd.tar.gz
and took some code on wpi-freebsd-20061109.tgz.

Now, this new one compiles and it works for me :
"status: associated" on ifconfig output.
Don't ask why I do this or that, in the code. I don't really know :p.
First, I just wanted to make the latest package I found, compile.
And, on the plus side, it works for me.
In the package, I have kept the original file as .orig, so you will see
what I have added and changed.

I have intentionally commented WPI_DEBUG and WPI_CURRENT.
About WPI_CURRENT, this have to be commented, on 6.x.
About WPI_DEBUG, it is just that I wanted to get rid of lots of output,
in my daily use.

Hope it helps ;)

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