virtual memory management

Ivan Voras ivoras at
Sat Jan 20 23:51:54 UTC 2007

[LoN]Kamikaze wrote:
>> Don't forget that the system also pages to swap space and it takes the
>> attitude of parking as much as possible out there in case it comes in
>> to demand again.  Ten if it really needs the space for something, it 
>> invalidates the oldest stuff and uses that space.
>> So, you should really expect that your swap space should be 
>> nearly maxed all the time if things are working well.
> If this is the case something is really wrong on my system:
> Swap: 4096M Total, 4096M Free
> either top doesn't show the precautionary swapping or this is not happening.

"Precautionary" swapping does exist, but it's not that often :) What the
poster probably meant is that it's possible to have a perfectly working
system which looks like it's using a lot of swap if the swapin/swapout
rate is low enough.

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