Problems with custom kernel fbsd 6.2

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Sat Jan 20 15:48:48 UTC 2007

"James Hein" <jhein_98 at> writes:

> Thanks for trying to help, but that didn't seem to be it.  It did
> the same thing, with the same error.  Can you think of anything else
> that may be wrong?  I'm considering rebuilding it again with
> debugging on, and using script to output it to a log. It has to be
> something in my config though, simply because the only thing
> different between my generic and custom compiles is the config
> file. I don't know how to make it not compile certain things with
> make, which makes my compile take awhile on it because of its
> specs. I've read something on how to do that, I just don't 'know'
> how to do it yet.

Well, one quick look at your configuration also shows me that umass is
in there but not scbus or da, which the comment on umass shows won't

However, the basic approach you should use is to go back to a copy of
the GENERIC kernel and start adding your changes a few at a time, so
that when the build breaks, you will be easily able to figure out
exactly which change was the problem.

Also, you might want to look at the "How to get the best results from
the FreeBSD-questions mailing list" article in the FreeBSD
documentation.  Its author frequently posts it to this list.  It will
give you valuable hints about how to help us to help you.

Good luck.

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