Hairy Cats and mice and FreeBSD

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I Live with a very hairy, large, Main Coon cat called Tania; she sheds
tons of fine hair all over the place. She is a Mouser, and proudly rids
our home (a boat) of all sorts of mice. Unfortunately she also kills
Computer mice! Therein lies my problem.

I have been replacing mechanical mice at the rate of one per month, by
just going to the local radio shack and buying one of their cheapest
PS2 mice, and replacing the hair-locked-up one.

Recently. RS has cheapened their mouse design, so the inner rollers are
now about 1/2 the diameter of the old ones. This "modification" has
limited a mouse's life here to about one week!
What I want to do is replace this mechanical mouse with an optical
mouse. RadioShack sells one, with the proper Windowz driver. I am
running  FreeBSD 6.1-RELEASE-p10 #2 however! 
If I go to Radio Shack, and buy their optical mouse, will I be able to
configure it to work with my KDE/FreeBSD system? This device is not
Anyone with experience using their optical mouse under FreeBSD? All
input will be very much appreciated.
Mouse-less on the Atlantic

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