Nautilus fails to burn DVD

Mike McMillan mikemcmillan at
Sat Jan 20 01:04:45 UTC 2007

When right clicking on an .ISO file to burn to my DVD
player I get the error: 

Error writing to disk
There was an error writing to disk:
Unhandled error, aborting

The correct permissions are set, the user can burn a
DVD from the command line by "growisofs -dvd-compat -Z
/dev/cd0=image.iso"  I have not tried burning anything
other than ISOs with nautilus.

The user can mount and view DVDs from inside nautilus.
 If I try and burn the ISO without a blank DVD inside,
nautilus warns me about that, and prompts me to insert
a blank disc.  

I have Gnome 2.16.2 installed from packages, installed
on 1/19/07 by "pkg_add -r gnome2".  

uname -a
#2: Fri Jan 19 14:40:35 PST 2007    
root at  i386

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