Hide ports make options/config

RW fbsd06 at mlists.homeunix.com
Fri Jan 19 21:20:57 UTC 2007

On Fri, 19 Jan 2007 03:21:07 -0500
"Charlie Hynson III" <dachaos at dachaos.com> wrote:

> I am making myself an easy install sh shell script that configures my
> own basic setup on FreeBSD 6.2 Release. Wondering how I tell make when
> installing a port not to ask me make options/config (silent install).
> For all ports and or individual ports. Since I have my make options
> set in pkgtools config for sysutils/portupgrade.

Unless the behaviour of portupgrade has changed recently, this is a bad
idea. The options in pkgtools.conf only apply to ports that portupgrade
builds directly. During an initial  installation most of the ports get
built as missing dependencies, so miss the options set in pkgtools.conf.

A better way is to set the options in make.conf either directly or by
using sysutils/portconf.

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