Does Firefox run on the SPARC64 port of FreeBSD?

Michael Johnson ahze at
Fri Jan 19 20:11:36 UTC 2007

On 1/18/07, Christian Baer <christian.baer at> wrote:
> Michael Johnson wrote:
> > Firefox only runs on >= 601101 sparc64.
> I am guessing that means a special revision of the UltraSPARC II processor,
> but I don't really know, because google gets a lot of hits, mainly
> explaining all sorts of soft that seems to have the same problem, but none
> of these hits really explain the meaning behind this.
> So even though this is getting a little OT:
> In English, please!

I upgraded my sparc64 box today (7-CURRENT) and I do see Firefox
segfaulting when starting now, I'm not sure what has changed in Firefox
or FreeBSD yet, but I'll be looking for a fix in the coming days.

> Regards
> Chris
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