FreeBSD challenged by Internet

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> > The OP said that there was no problem with linux and windows, and
> > that's consistent with what I saw on my d-link ADSL router.
> > Presumably FreeBSD is doing something slightly different.
> Yes, it is, it's making IPv6 DNS queries. 

In my case, compiling-out IPv6 support from the kernel was the first
thing I tried, and it didn't make much difference. The DNS proxy worked
properly with Windows, but not FreeBSD.

> > These problems is particularly acute in countries where PPPoA is the
> > norm.

> And the other thing is that just about all the DSL setups I've seen in
> bridging mode do the PPPoE/PPPoA conversion automagically.

There's a history of PPPoE in the US, so people expect to have
it, even over ATM. In the UK BT turned-on "PPPoEoA" a few years ago, but
didn't really tell anyone, BT resellers generally don't provide much
support for it. LLU operators haven't bothered, because there's no real


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