the flash 9 player....

Sergio Lenzi enigma at
Fri Jan 19 14:15:56 UTC 2007

> I would love to see that work, but sync'ing the audio and video may be
> problematical.
> FWIW ...
> 	John

I tested the lastest version 0.7.2 it is better than the previous but
is missing the ability to play movies....   about the sync of audio and
once the file is in the flv format, mplayer plays it very well with no
and very low cpu consume....

the original mplayer from macromedia  crashes because the mozilla
calls NP_Shutdown and the macromedia plugin does not get initialized
correctly by the mozzila  (I am using epiphany)...

I think that gnash is a good aproach... it forks a process and
so if it crashes, does not crash the browser... 

Not a good solution now.....


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