jboss powering down my machine?

Steel City Phantom scphantm at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 19 10:00:10 UTC 2007

i figured it out.  i tried again after a fresh reboot and was finally 
able to get an error message out of it.  KDE shut down completely and i 
got a glimse of the console window before it powered down.  it had the 
message, processor temp 87 degrees C.  preforming emergency shutdown.  
pull my heat sink and find it packed completely full of dust.  rinsed it 
off and it works perfectly again.

Steel City Phantom wrote:
> when i try to launch jboss thru eclipse on my bsd 6.2 machine, it gets 
> about half way thru and then the machine powers down.  as i understood 
> bsd, it was not possible for that to happen.  is there a log somewhere 
> that i can look at to try to figure this out?  i can't find anything 
> very useful on my own.
> thanks
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