Mail etiquette (was: What is this mean by this term)

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Fri Jan 19 01:33:32 UTC 2007

Murray Taylor wrote:
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>> On 18/01/07, Murray Taylor <MTaylor at> wrote:
>>>> "Top posting" is only one issue.  Others of great importance are
>>>> trimming your posts, not breaking the lines into tiny 
>> fragments, and
>>>> not writing one-line paragraphs.  Your .sig is a good example of
>>>> things that people should remove from replies.
>>>> Greg
>>> Exactly! And not only my .sig which I do have control over whether
>>> I add it or not, and also the #@$%^%# stupid corporate 
>> disclaimer also
>>> (over which I have no control).... sigh
>>> mjt (no .sig)
>> since i seem to be in the mood to muddy the waters today:
>> have you considered using a mail address outside of your corporation?
>> one which doesn't automatically add that disclaimer. i've never been
>> fond of using my work email address for anything outside of work, but
>> that's me. maybe this is an obvious answer but it is one way to please
>> the etiquette overlords.
>> -g
>> -- 
>> Greg Albrecht (gregoryba at
> I started using the lists from work years ago when I was
> establishing the FreeBSD servers and it was easier to get
> Q&A stuff done... Since then the weenies have come along 
> and changed out a perfectly servicable Postfix / Cyrus
> mail system with M$ Exchg(barf), and the beanies wanted the 
> disclaimers ......
> sigh

Have any of these disclaimers ever proven to be even the slightest bit 
legally enforceable?

I mean, for God's sake, they're at the bottom of the message, 
essentially telling you not to read the message you just read.  

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