Transport Mode IPSEC

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  You do realize, don't you, that since both of these hosts are on a switch,
and are using unicast traffic to communicate with each other, that they
cannot be sniffed, don't you?

  You might read up on ethernet switching technology a bit before
answering that.

  Most people don't wear 2 condoms, you know.


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> Hey all,
> I see the handbook has a nice howto on tunnel mode ipsec.  I just want to
> protect my NFS/NIS traffic between two hosts on a switch (neither NAT'd)
> -- is there a reference as to transport-mode ipsec anywhere, or has anyone
> done it that can outline it?  I would imagine it would be drastically
> simpler than tunnel mode, but I'm not sure where it would break off.
> -Dan
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