Xorg/Gnome/KDE freeze on latest release

Gobbledegeek gobbledegeek at gmail.com
Wed Jan 17 19:35:30 UTC 2007

Hello  All

I've been seeing system freezes  on  freebsd 6.2 Release and also the
older RC2. Absolutely  No errors reported in logs. Suddenly the  mouse
cursor movement is reduced to a crawl,  and the keyboard freezes.
Mouse-clicks do not  launch any applications or  switch tasks.  I
cannot switch back to  vty1/2/3...  or any console and had to resort
to  cold-starting a dozen times to recover from the hangs in the last
few days, dirtying my filesystem in the process each time.. sometimes
had  to  reinstall corrupted kde/xorg packages

I'm writing this mail from windows, so I  do not have the uname and
Xorg logs with version numbers, but from memory its

freebsd 6.2 release#3 i386 machine.  Xorg release 6.9. KDE version 3.5.4 .

In  case my version number recall is mistaken - Gnome/KDE  are the
versions obtained  remotely on the 15th of  Jan. I did cvsup and
buildworld steps today 17th of Jan. The problem has remained since
RC2. I  did not  have X during RC1, so I don't know  if it  was
present  in that release.

This is on an athlon64 cpu soc 754 with nforce3 250gb chipset with
Radeon  7500. DRI is loading correctly  on startup.  No hangs on
windoz, so its not a hardware issue. Unless its got to do with
freebsd  drivers for usb wireless (iBall) keyb/mouse.  But the system
never hangs if I don't  load X/Gnome/KDE. Sound/Artsd seems to work

I see this  on both  regular 4.4BSd and ULE scheduler based kernels

Please reply-to-all as I am not  subscribed.

[Everything but Gobbledegook.. !!]

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