Adjusting NGROUPS_MAX constant

Parker Anderson baka.rob at
Wed Jan 17 02:50:25 UTC 2007

Hello Dan,

On 1/16/07, Dan Casey <dcasey at> wrote:
> I am running into trouble with users who are in more then 16 groups.  I
> fail to ssh in with the following message:
> sshd[96785]: initgroups(username,1002): Invalid argument
> sysctl -a kern.ngroups
> kern.ngroups: 16
> Is there any reason why I should not raise NGROUPS_MAX in the following
> two files?
> /usr/include/sys/syslimits.h
> /usr/src/sys/sys/syslimits.h
> What could I accidentally break.. Or should I say, is there a good
> reason why the number 16 is hard coded in there?

I found another post on this:

The poster outlines 3 potential issues, including issues with NFS with
an NGROUPS_MAX value above 16.  I'm not sure if those are still issues
(e.g. I don't use NFS), but that may be why the values have been set
that way by default.

I hope that thread helps!


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