What have you done for me lately !!!

Joe Arcaro joe at splittingimage.com.au
Tue Jan 16 18:51:07 UTC 2007


Maybe this is just a rant,

But I'll vent anyway.

I've been watching with some skepticism, the whole apple circus freak 
fanboy show ...

I was just curious, does it not bother any of the BSD developers that 
Apple inc (TM)  has based its entire business model on open source software,

and yet seems to have given little if any thing back in return.

I have on occasion looked at the apple web site, and never has apple 
even given credit to any form of BSD !

Is this all just acceptable, have I missed the whole point of open 
source (Give something back when you can)

or have I not read the fine print.


Cheers to all the developers at Freebsd, I am an admirer of BSD and the 
open source community


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