Confused with jails (ezjail) and mergemaster

Doug Poland doug at
Tue Jan 16 16:08:17 UTC 2007

On Tue, Jan 16, 2007 at 09:08:07AM -0500, Dave wrote:
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> Subject: Confused with jails (ezjail) and mergemaster
> >I have just built and installed world on a 6.1-STABLE i386 machine
> >and run mergemaster.  For the jails, I have run:
> >
> >root# ezjail-admin update -i
> >
> >and it performed an installworld.  Cool so far.
> >
> >What about mergemaster on the jails?  Do I need to run mergemaster on
> >the basejail and each jail instance?
> >
> >root# mergemaster -D /usr/jails/basejail
> >root# mergemaster -D /usr/jails/jail-01
> >root# mergemaster -D /usr/jails/jail-99
> >
> >Or just mergemaster on basejail?  If I do just run mergemaster on
> >basejail, how do the config file changes make it into the individual
> >jails?  Ezjail is a great utility but running mergemaster on every
> >jail instance seems daunting, not to mention the potential problems
> >with end-user modified config files.
> >
> Hello,
> It's been a while since i checked my email, but did you ever get any
> responses on this question? I'm not at the point of needing to update
> any of my ezjails, but when 6.2 comes out or i deide to update to it
> whichever, i will at that point.
No, I didn't get any responses.  After more analysis, I reasoned that
one must run mergemaster on the "basejail" and on each individual jail.
It's a lot of work, but it appears that's the only way.

> On a separate subject do you have ports in any of your jails as in the
> ports tree? If so how did you pull that off?  Thanks.
I use portupgrade so I needed to add the following to /usr/local/etc/pkgtools.conf
+  ENV['PACKAGES'] ||= '/var/ports/packages'
+  ENV['PKG_PATH'] ||= '/var/ports/packages/All'
+  ENV['PKG_BACKUP_DIR'] ||= '/var/tmp/pkg_backup'
+  ENV['PORTS_INDEX'] ||= '/var/ports/INDEX'



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