Compiling mtr without GUI

Reuben Farrelly reuben-freebsd-questions at
Tue Jan 16 00:51:26 UTC 2007

On 14/01/2007 1:03 AM, Christian Baer wrote:
> Hi there Peeps!
> Somehow the mtr-port is bugging me a little. I want to install mtr on a
> machine with no keyboard and no monitor and thus no X - and I'd like to
> keep it that way. Since I couldn't find a package of mtr without the
> GUI, I guess, I'm stuck with the port.
> I've looked at the makefile and found the variable WITHOUT_X11. However,
> a 'make -D WITHOUT_X11' and a 'make WITHOUT_X11=1' both[1] result in
> being downloaded and built. Now I am no real expert on makefiles but
> AFAIK in this case it shouldn't matter, what value WITHOUT_X11 has, as
> long as it is set at all.

If you've no X and no intention to build anything with X support, then in 
/etc/make.conf put this:


You'll then get an mtr with no X support (I know, I've just built it from ports 
this morning on a non X server - it was dead easy)


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