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Guido Demmenie rottweilertje at
Sun Jan 14 22:16:37 UTC 2007

On Jan 14, 2007, at 9:51 PM, Mark Busby wrote:

> I've been trying to install freebsd on a HP pavilion with a A7V-VM  
> Asus motherboard.
>   The bios finds the harddrive and controler, but freebsd does not.  
> I've installed a harddrive with
>   bsd already loaded and the computer runs fine. I've tried older  
> install cd's of freebsd from 4.1 to 6.2rc2  same thing happens.  
> I've changed bios settings, looked for virus blocking software in  
> the bios. I've placed the harddrive into another computer, it works  
> fine. Pulled cards to see if interupt storm. But still unable to  
> load from install cd.  Any ideas??

I've had the same problem with installing it on a asus A7V8X mobo.  
When I disabled ACPI it does recognise the harddrive, although it  
shows 2 hd's for some reason. They booth look the same but have  
another name.

-- Guido

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