load balancing with multiple pppoe sessions

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> Subject: load balancing with multiple pppoe sessions
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> Hi all!!!
> A simple question ?
> Does freebsd pppoe support multiple sessions ?
> I need to configure a two adsl load balancing server using pf (pools
> setup) but I don't have adsl routers only modems.
> Can I can do it with freebsd ?
> Thanks in advance.
> roberto

I'm not an expert in ppp, but I have been immersed in the ppp man page
for the last couple three days.

Assuming that your two ADSL lines are from the same ISP, and they
support multi-session ppp, then yes, FreeBSD's ppp claims to be able to
bond the two ppp sessions into a single datapipe.


man ppp

and search for MULTI-LINK


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