binary called "top" not have realtime filter/search? [#SHAZBOTAA7235423352662A]

Giorgos Keramidas keramida at
Sat Jan 13 01:08:30 UTC 2007

On 2007-01-12 14:02, Peter aka SweetPete <swtpete at> wrote:
> I've red the manpage for "top" (from heh heh "top" to bottom...),
> and I am amazed that there is not a feature to hit '/' or '?' in
> order to search and display only processes which match a certain
> keyword/search term.  For example, a user running top could hit '/'
> and enter "fire", which would display processes related to
> "firefox."

That's an excellent idea :)

Should we also allow for limiting by other stuff too, i.e. like the
'l' command in the mail/mutt mailer accepts a 'limit pattern' with a
syntax like:

Limiting by PID

    ~p minpid-maxpid	only show pids in [minpid...maxpid]
    ~p <maxpid		only show pids less than maxpid
    ~p >minpid		only show pids greater than minpid

Limiting by username or user ID

    ~u username		only show processes of user `username'
    ~U uid		only show processes of user uid
    ~U uidmin-uidmax	only show processes of users minuid-maxuid

Limiting by number of threads

    ~t minthr-maxthr	only show processes with minthr-maxthr threads
    ~t <maxthr		only show processes with less than maxthr threads
    ~t >minthr		only show processes with more than minthr threads

Limiting by priority

    ~P minpri-maxpri	only show processes with minpri-maxpri priority
    ~P <maxpri		only show processes with less than maxpri priority
    ~P >minpri


You get the idea...

> What is the best way to get (such) a feature added to "top?!" I know
> I know, I'm always causing mayhem.  *grin*

If you have a patch to submit, I'm sure we can find people who are
interested in reviewing, testing and committing it.

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