is THIS why the 6.2 release seems stalled ?

Nuno Henriques nh at
Thu Jan 11 23:45:21 UTC 2007

Oliver Iberien wrote:
> At least this thread got me (desktop user, not especially technically 
> sophisticated) to go make a little donation to the FreeBSD Foundation, as it 
> is the one way I can help out, and show that I'm grateful for FreeBSD. 
> On Wednesday 10 January 2007 08:17, freebsd-questions-request at 
> wrote:
>> So, if you cannot contribute time and effort and your business is
>> so valuable, then consider contributing money - to support someone
>> to work in the project, at least part time.
>>> If you only want to get something for nothing, then you live
>>> in the wrong world.
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I bought a FreeBSD Subscription 
and the FreeBSD Handbook Set 
and to this day, I'm still patiently awaiting for FreeBSD to support the 
590SLI Nforce chipset. Both OpenBSD and NetBSD support this chipset FYI. :)
BTW, there are no replies to my emails from What's 
going on here? :(

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