is THIS why the 6.2 release seems stalled ?

Oliver Fromme olli at
Thu Jan 11 12:08:47 UTC 2007

Just a few small notes ...

Chris <chrcoluk at> wrote:
 > realtek isnt great hardware but is that a good reason for realtek
 > performing significantly worse then on linux, shouldnt it be on par?

Mu old notebook (2001) has a realtek rl(4) card.  It's not
rocket fast, but it just works with FreeBSD.  There's also
an rl(4) card that came with my DSL modem, and it "just
works" in my FreeBSD router box, too.

When I buy a NIC for any purpose, I try to avoid realtek
cards, though.

 > issues of performance been worse, the biggest example is probably
 > mysql and uniprocessor performance, I understand with ule 2.0 mysql
 > performance is signficantly better so there is hope there, I would
 > like to see more performance from uniprocessor and the mp safe support
 > on nics set to disabled by default to put stability first.

With the latest FreeBSD RELENG_6, libthr and optimized time
counter settings (TSC), I get the same mysql performance
under FreeBSD as under Linux.

 > The installer well that comes down to using a variety of datacentres,
 > quite often datacentre staff are not too well trained and mainly used
 > to redhat and windows gui installers, so when it comes to freebsd
 > there is many datacentres who dont even support freebsd when I ask is
 > because they say it wont install, the ones that do support freebsd the
 > feedback I get off them is often related to both the installer been a
 > pain for them and hardware compatibility.

To be honest, I like the installer from DragonFly BSD.
It's easier and more intuitive to use.  However, FreeBSD's
sysinstall is _far_ better than NetBSD's or OpenBSD's
installers (at least when I last had to deal with them,
about one year ago).

Actually, as far as I know, DragonFly BSD's installer is
intended to be fairly portable, and I seem to remember
that someone was working on porting it to FreeBSD.  But
I have now idea what the status of that effort is.

 > Is there a sort of hire a dev button on the freebsd website?

There's a donate "button", though you can't select a
sepcific developer or area of interest that way.  If
you want to hire a dev, it might be helpful to post
a message to one of the more specialist lists (e.g.
if you want to hire someone for improving, say, the
file system code, then post to the freebsd-fs list).

If you're very lucky, someone might be interested in
your problem and even do it for free because it's an
interesting challenge, or he could use a solution for
that problem himself.  If you're even more lucky,
someone who had the same problem already did a fix
and shares it with you.

Somewhere on the web site there's also a list of
companies providing commercial support, some of which
also offer development/programming services (including
the company I work for).

Best regards

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