Why is sysinstall considered end-of-life?

Apatewna apatewna at yahoo.gr
Wed Jan 10 22:29:26 UTC 2007

The only real drawback I see in sysinstall is that at several stages you 
cannot perceive what the previous part was and what the next step is. 
There are times that you have to "exit" in order to continue.

Maybe an overall progress bar in plain text (eg Welcome - Select disk - 
Select partitions - Boot loader....), highlighting the appropriate field 
according to where you are, will sched some light to the naive.

Other than that, I fully support text mode, it's the only guaranteed way 
to install a system and FreeBSD has done its job quite nicely there. As 
for DesktopBSD and PCBSD, I can tell you at least for the PCBSD part 
that it has been VERY difficult to create the installer specifically the 
disk detection and the partitioning scheme.

At some times, I just wish people stop creating new things and just find 
ways to beutify what is already there and working solid for years.

Rizoulis Thanasis
IT Technician

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