Natd is not working as expected

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Wed Jan 10 19:58:03 UTC 2007

"Ross Penner" <ross.penner at> writes:

> I've configured my freebsd computer to be the gateway for my home network
> using the guidelines in the handbook. All the required kernel options are
> enabled and the entries in /etc/rc.conf have been added. I'm unsure what the
> problem could be and I'm hoping somebody can give me some advice on where to
> look to diagnose this issue.
> the bind9 server is functioning correctly as I'm able to resolve IP address,
> but no packets seem to be getting through.

There isn't enough information here to work with.  Can you give more
detail on what you did, and what the results were?  I think every
sentence could use some expansion.

You may find it helpful to refer to the "How to get the best results
from freebsd-questions" article, now part of the official FreeBSD
documentation (and regularly posted to this list by its author).

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